It just amazes me that these athletes are dumb enough to take the clot shot.

What more evidence do anyone need to know to stay away from the poison.

Every web site I visit has people dropping dead, every day. It seems athletes are the hardest hit.

Thanks Bill Gates, you sick killer.

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Do we know with absolute certainty she got the shot? The arrogance of those who immediately jump to that conclusion in every single case is wearing thin.

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The emergency authorization must be ended, so DOD loses power

Since 2013, the USA department of defense, the pentagon, planned for cover up of “vaccine”.


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Terribly sad that it takes repeatedly disturbing news of young athletes suddenly dying, especially when they possess physical fitness and strength many can only dream of having.

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Jan 8·edited Jan 8

Used to listen to a radio show by a guy that runs from 9 to 12 everyday

When he refused to talk about the shots and adverse effects, now deaths, I abonded ship

Alex Jones and the whole crew at infowars and banned.video are better

Alex is really rough to listen to at first some people say, give him a chance though

Good insights and guests who speak the truth unfiltered

Wake people up before it is too late, if there even is time left?

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With all the adverse news regarding the sudden spike in unexplained deaths among young, otherwise healthy people, there's not a drug store one can enter that does not advertise and promote a free CV vaccine. There's nothing, no common remedy, those bureaucrat nanny's won't deprive you of for the thinnest of reasons 'for your own good'. (mercurochrome, merthiolate, mercury thermometers, etc.,) But they have mandated vaccine poisons with little to no testing, that are damaging and killing millions of people. It's mass murder.

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