Article by Mac Slavo from SHTF Plan cross-posted with permission.
For most of us, this isn't really news, but having it in our arsenal to convince "normies" is important. Article by Oliver Young from Natural News…
Article by Janice Hisle from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times cross-posted with permission.
THIS Is What We Need: Idaho Legislators Push to Make Administering All mRNA "Vaccines" IllegalListen now (9 min) | At this point in 2023, any medical professional who doesn't question the safety and efficacy of the mRNA jabs are either…
The desperation from Big Pharma is almost palatable as they turn to Hollywood and famous singers to deliver their universal vaccination message.
They're not slowing down one bit despite all the science pointing toward caution.
Many parents would object if they knew, but unfortunately some won't ask the right questions.
Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News cross-posted with permission.
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