I am not normally a "high tone" speaker, but I've been reading a lot of 19th Century works recently and it has worked it's way into my vernacular.

I am an anti-vaxer and anti-masker. If this frightens you, stay at home. I am not dangerous, because I never got the shot. I'm dangerous because I survived not being vaccinated. I have no quarrel with the lowest member of any organization, but, be advised, I will not yield to a polite remonstration.

Jesus is my mask.

No, I will not wear a mask. I have entered this establishment to conduct commerce. You have no power over me. Stand aside and render services commensurate with your abilities.

Should the manager present himself, I will remind him, Jesus is my mask and no Earthly force, no man made creation, can protect me like the eternal love, of my Savior, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Sir, I will be forced to call the Police, if you do not comply."

"Maybe you should ring up Jesus, because the Police barely show up for a murder, let alone a shop lifter. An anti-masker is hardly a SWAT worthy call. Now, let us engage in commerce, so we both may go about our day."

After several days of this, the manager will just say Ef it. Yes, I will be the one to make his life a little less pleasant. If relief will not come from above, it shall be wrought from below.

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I started saying all of this right at the beginning of the first covid hysteria. I thought it was perfectly obvious.

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Covid is over.........If you want it.

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