Africa and South Africa has been low in vaccinations 👏👏 which is great especially since Fauci & Gates liked to experiment on these many countries in Africa with no regard to the children’s risks and deaths. The countries were paid off and only the top officials gained. Sad, cruel, and demonic to target poor countries’ children to feed a ‘vaccine’ for something they were never at risk over. How many trials has Fauci/Gates perpetrated with false claims long before covid.

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Thank goodness! I have a trip there in June.

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It’s amazing how many African leaders stood their ground - even saying no we don’t agree to your future tyrannical medical mandates - addressing the WHO trying to usurp sovereign nation states from protecting the best interests of their citizens.

The rest of the world politicians have been thoroughly (with exception of a very few) corrupted and captured by Big Pharma.

We must speak up now against USA (Biden) from accepting the loss of medical sovereignty , before WHO ratifies the agreement in May this year, which will allow them to shut the world down for anything its proxy director (Gates and gang) proclaims. And mandate vaccinations.

This is extremely serious. Remember how WHO (Tedros - dark history with this NON dr.) proclaimed Monkeypox a pandemic! They are testing the worlds subservience - we must protest now.

Do a search on DuckDuckGo. Com (google is blocking many topics from being shown to you)

black presidents who blocked the vax “died suddenly” over the covid shutdown….

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Now a professor in Japan has filed a lawsuit against the Health Minister with proof he hid Covid injuries data from the people. Fraud and corruption!!

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What happens when you kill a third of the world in cold, clotted blood? That is what we are seeing.

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Behind all this is the idolatrous belief there are killer viruses responsible for an alleged "pandemic." The invented "emergency" was designed to roll out the gene-altering vaccines in order to "save" us from this phony modern-day plague. Ironically it's the treatment (i.e. the "vaccines') now causing the excessive mortality which is blamed on the virus. In essence the government is arguing that the "emergency" justifies the suppression of freedom of speech! This is what happens when religious fanatics (with mainstream "science" being the new religion) have taken over the government.

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Look at US Patent 7279327 - very interesting…Ralph Baric - (Ecoalliance at North Carolina university) funded by Anthony Fauci patenting a method of getting the corona virus amped up (gain of function) to enable it to ENTER the nucleus of a cell when it couldn’t easily achieve that naturally.

Now Isn’t that bio warfare ?! And isn’t that supposed to be illegal?

Note how long they’ve been working at this… note the date of the patent 2001.

Execution of deployment 20 years… first SARS then this with has fingerprints of manufacture in its DNA (not natural from an animal confirmed by many honest experts) via proxy lab, an enemy of USA, but a friend of some of our corrupted politicians, and even bill gates and Ralph Baric (Baric - eco alliance con, funded China Wuhan lab to work on corona virus - now why would you give a lethal bioweapon to an enemy?)

And would you be happy to know the “CURE” for covid is being made by CHINA!

https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/geopolitics/remdesivir-george-soros-bill-gates-partner-with-china-on-coronavirus-drug/ Read this article - it is VERY informative of the players in this deadly game


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Keep an eye on Thailand Royal family withdrawing Pfizers immunity from liability since the princess was injured and went into a coma after her 3rd booster. She’s still in a coma…

They are furious!


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