B.S.24-7/1984 variant.....

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I would like to know how they know what strains these patients are afflicted with.

They don’t “test” specifically for these new scariants!!

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Another Hoax brought to you by the Federal Government Mafia TRYING to run this Country.

DO NOT COMPLY. The hospitals are players. They can't get enough of that free money.

Even if, it means killing people.

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No, MASKS DO work - but not in the way we used to think they did.

It really depends on whose perspective you’re taking:

1. They dehumanize the masses. (Social conditioning - just another number)

2. They send a visual cue DANGER DANGER be AFRAID

3. They can actually INDUCE and CAUSE DANGEROUS lung Bacterial Pneumonia to occur due to a perfect moist warm environment of mouth bacteria to grow on masks

4. They send a signal of OBEDIENCE to the state

The TRUTH of the matter is none of it is for your health.

It’s all part of a bigger plan to usher in the New World order using the WHO as the proxy to trigger lockdowns and eventually the U.N. Will be the central world power, controlled by the self appointed elites who will use an A.I. to manage the unwashed masses.

Speak up now, or forever hold your peace.

PS: The 1918 Spanish flu used to provoke fear was NOT really due to influenza but the subsequent BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA people developed.

Pneumonia is mostly treatable if caught early with antibiotics.

This document reinforcing that MAJORITY of the population in 1918 would’ve been just fine with the flu, like most of us are every year, if they’d had access to the modern day anti-biotics that we now have.

Standard drug protocol given by CDC - Remdesivir drug given to those with serious breathing is lethal and causes kidney and liver damage.

Here is the 2008 article on the actual NIH (part of Fauci’s NIAID) website , that they probably forgot to “scrub”….

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic




Pathologists of the time, he adds, were nearly unanimous in the conviction that deaths were not caused directly by the then-unidentified influenza virus, but rather resulted from severe secondary pneumonia caused by various bacteria.

Absent the secondary bacterial infections, many patients might have survived,

experts at the time believed.

Indeed, the availability of antibiotics during the other influenza pandemics of the 20th century, specifically those of 1957 and 1968, was probably a key factor in the lower number of worldwide deaths during those outbreaks

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Nope nada no way, not doing it. Do Not Comply.

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