Home printers; we only have about 10 million printers between us all...print it, post it,. to libraries, bus stops, book boxes...any of the 10 points fits on a sticker....

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Excellent summation

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Sorry, but there wasn't any "scientific integrity" previously that can be "restored". Malone, and all of the other so-called 'scientists' endorsing this document, are part of the problem that brought us to this place, and they're all just stroking their own egos and covering their asses. Obviously, their goal is to "restore the people's trust in medicine", as if it's somehow not been their system of "medicine" that's killing and maiming millions of people globally, and lying, censoring and coercing hand-in-hand with government thugs.

This medical monopoly hasn't changed a bit over the past century, and hasn't had any relation to genuine science. The truth is laid bare by studying the history. Modern medicine is a predatory, criminal monopoly created by the Rockefeller cabal more than a century ago, and under the leadership of Frederick Gates, working directly for John D. Rockefeller, took over medical research and medical research funding, medical science publishing, medical school curriculum, and joined with the AMA in lobbying state legislatures to ban all competition. And of course, with the pharmaceutical industry already part of the Rockefeller family, the capture was complete.

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 was the same playbook used for 'covid-19'; it was a mass death by vaccination (that started in 1917 using US soldiers as lab rats) that was blamed on a virus.

It was the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, set up by Gates, that established in the 1920's the practice of faking virus isolation by using a lab cell culture to produce a so-called 'virus' from samples that had no such virus. Virus isolation has been a complete scam from then on, to this day. Nobody has scientifically proven the existence of any human virus, ever. Belief otherwise is nothing but a rabid anti-science, anti-nature religion.

So how many of the 'scientists', including Malone, are admitting they're part of a century-long con religion? When tens of thousands of doctors and scientists really come clean, then maybe there will be a chance for science to begin from nothing.

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This is good and all... I think we are headed to worldwide civil wars...

And I think that's 💯 what globalists want.

Genesis 315

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