A few of these doctors need a class action lawsuit against CVS first and then any other large chain companies usurping their ROLE to just process what the dr tells them to.

This is the only way to change THEIR corrupt behavior acting as enforcers of Marxist political left.

Then once there is one win in the courts, it sets a precedent and they can go after the other bullies like Walgreens and whoever else.

Class actions are cheaper than individual cases but just as effective.

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Just sharing observations: I have a treasure chest of everything to treat covid, from the basics of HCQ and Ivermectin to nasal iodine spray, iodine gargle, to a variety of recommended antibiotics to inhalers should it settle in the lungs. It worked 2 years ago when everyone in the family came down with covid. All unvaxxed. This week My adult daughter got Covid. Fever-aches-headache-with the next wave of abdominal pain and diarrhea. Start to finish the illness lasted 7 days--she lost 8 ibs. Went to an IV Nutrition place on day 5 for fluids. Nothing in my arsenal of medicine seemed to impact the illness. She is back on her feet now. Did the meds shorten the duration? We’ll never know but I’m guessing not.

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noting changed.

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