THE 'Observers' of these 'RARE' outcomes of CONVID 'JABS', OBVIOUSLY 'support' their Associates/ Family/Partners/ family members 'Passing'! - WITHOUT question!

Last; To NOTE; 'Side' Effects mentioned by ALL & sundry with gay abandon, ARE to ' Diminish' (In this 'Programmed Population AnniHilation' - WEF/IMF Project # P 173789) the outcomes of Drugs & Medical protocols, AS A 'Unique Field' Of 'Protected' Global FRAUD! Furthermore, and ARE the P.R. of 'CONMERCIAL CON-TROLLed INVESTMENT'! THE 'EFFECTS' of same pHARMa products, OR Commercial Products, as an 'OUTCOME', ARE AN 'EFFECT' - The Term 'Side' IS irrelevant & SPIN!!

Wellness to Original NON Purchased 'Systems' checkers - & The Collective Us!

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I watched Jesse Watters interview Dr. Drew on FOX. Dr. Drew never once mentioned that

Matthew Perry could very well have died of taking the JAB. Dr. Drew was putting the

emphasis on drugs and what it does to your system. Astounding!

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They jab has killed a bunch of people

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