The deaths just keep piling up. Kind of hard to ignore, but media will do their best🤬🤬🤬

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Considering that she was giving out vaccinations we should presume that she is up to date with all Covid jabs. Healthy young people don't just drop dead like that. This is becoming all too common in western societies and around the world where there is a high vaccination rate. Why are we witnessing this tragedy. The only different thing is that Vax. What you need to ask when something like this happens on a regular basis is -What have they done or taken that is different in the last few weeks or months? The answer will be the jab invariably.

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In a normal rational world, the powers that be would be burning the candle at both ends trying to figure out what young healthy people were dying from. In this case, nothing. The answer for why they're not seems simple. They know why and just don't care.

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Since we know that many doctors were PAID to "push" the vaccine, it's tragic that many folks paid the ultimate price for taking that Jab.. Very Sad!!

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I’m not second guessing God. As a retired RN, it was my job to know every medicine I was giving my patients, the side effects and the interactions between medicines. As a doctor, she is even more responsible for know everything about every medicine she ordered and/or gave. She had no excuse for what she did and she was responsible for every injury and every death she called! She got paid well to administer the death shots! God tells us the love of money is at the root of all kinds of evil!

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Of course she was vaccinated and boosted. The University of Pittsburgh forced all employees and students to get vaccinated and boosted in order to come on to university property and attend classes. Pitt was draconian during the lockdowns. My son, a grad student there during those years, could not travel home because if he did, he would have to quarantine every time he returned and lose access to the campus even if he tested negative for Covid. Despite my pleas, he submitted to the 2 shot Pfizer - it was his decision as an adult - so I just nagged him afterwards to please start a dose of baby aspirin daily and take a supply of supplements. He never took the boosters, thankfully, but he has struggled with immune related issues and has caught Covid at least four times, as has everyone he knows up there in Pittsburgh. The lockdowns, mask mandates, family separation, vaccines, and boosters accomplished nothing except creating despair, inducing depression, robbing economic opportunity with the loss of jobs, and damaging bodies. I pray that my son and his classmates do not suffer longterm health issues or die suddenly like this young pharmacist. I have persuaded my son to get every heart and blood test done, and now multiple times to confirm he is not dealing with those issues. Tests appear to be normal but he still suffers from something yet to be diagnosed but that is clearly immune related and manifests in different ways, with some new pain or rash or discomfort and diminished vitality that a 25 year old young man should have at what should be a peak moment of health. I will never forgive the University of Pittsburgh. Condolences to the family and friends of this young pharmacist.

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No. The BS flag just went out. I'm not giving the pro-vaxx crowd the benefit of the doubt for one minute. No longer is it acceptable to just write off all these "unexplained", sudden deaths of healthy young people that rarely happened before clot-shots came on the scene.

We know....we know. The dots SCREAM to be connected, and it 's not that hard to do. We know.

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We'll never know how many people she killed and maimed before karma kicked in...

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Did God pass judgement on her for injuring and killing many with the poisonous death shots???

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What the 'Heck'? It seems that Little Pricks, are passing themselves off as 'Experts' everywhere! I lost my Job in The OZ Resource Sector, because I COULD, actually Read & Understand the Baseline mRNA CONJAB -19 'Product' Material Safety Data Sheet (2019/20),which SAID in 'Plain black & White; In Short;

There are NO Approved COVID-19 Vaccines that will prevent anyone from acquiring, Nor Stop anyone Transmitting COVID-19. - Pfizer & Moderna (Even though Moderna's mRNA Jab 'Product Box Slip is 'Blank' - Intentionally). AND, Pfizer sent out Product COVID-19 Vaccine 'COMIRNITY BNT162b2 'Important Information for Health Providers & Consumers- ATTACHMENT A', on 'Safety & Efficacy' - The FIRST Line under 'Safety' banner states; 'WARNING; THIS VACCINE MAY CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, AND DEATH.' - And Yes - It was in Capital letters! I guess the Doctor, failed to 'Get the Memo' - NOT a problem any more. 'The One & ONLY Real World Reality Check for Dr Heck!' Wellness

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Between 1979-1980, the "Department of Education" was turned into a cabinet-level position.

The JEW Shirley Hufstedler was appointed "Secretary of Education".

Why was a JEW put in charge of educating over 100+ million white Christian children?

By 1980, the newly-appointed JEW Shirley Hufstedler had removed "The Gulag Archipelago" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn from American schools, and replaced it with a JEW work of DISCREDITED FICTION, "The Diary of Anne Frank".

So they removed a book from the schools that pointed to Judaism as being the source of Boleshevism and Communism. And they replaced it with a "Aww, poor widdle Jews!".

The reason so many of you can't see the Jew problem, is THEY HAVE "EDUCATED" YOU TO THINK OTHERWISE.

This is why the Jew had to take over your education, people. So you'd never know who the enemy was.

Please wake up. Before it's too late.

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Jan 16·edited Jan 16

Dear Vaxxed and dying:

It's been nearly 3 years now since the start of the (Jew orchestrated) COVID scam. Some of you by now have come around, or are starting to. Some of you are ready to line up for another booster tomorrow if it's offered. Either way, we want you all to know that we have little sympathy for your plight.

When we said "There's no 'pandemic', where are the corpses on the streets?"


When we said "No 'virus' has ever been isolated."

You screamed, "YOU SHOULD BE LOCKED UP!!!"

When we said, "My body, my choice."

You screamed "RACIST!!!"

You called us murderers. You called us racists. You called us bigots. You called us infantile, ignorant, stupid, losers, demons, and, oh, my favorite...CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!!!

Well, it looks like my tinfoil protected me from "COVID" all along.

And, it looks like you're slowly dying.

Well, maybe not THAT slowly.

We warned you. We tried to tell you. Some of us even fell for red herrings (Ivermectin? Pffft, you don't need ANYTHING for a disease that doesn't exist). But we all knew, on some level, that something was amiss.

Even those that are Jew-unaware. Still love you guys, but you need to get onboard.

But we're past the time for "I told you so." We'll soon be past the point in time where you can apologize. But there is one thing that remains, and one thing I want you all to remember, all you..."pro-vaxxers".

It's WE who are going to be left with the final burden of digging the holes and hauling your corpses away to be buried in the dirt. It is US, the UN-VACCINATED, that will be left with the terrible task of paying the final price for your sins. Thank you OH SO MUCH for this final labor you leave us. It will serve as a lasting reminder not to trust anyone in the "medical industry", whether they're Jewish or not, EVER AGAIN.

So remember when you're harboring that last little bit of resentment towards US for doing nothing more than telling you the truth...remember who has to dig your hole. WE do. So maybe if you can't bring yourself to apologize, maybe you can at least show a little appreciation for us having to dispose of you.

You're welcome.

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Nobody outruns their own stupidity. Eventually, bad decisions catch up with you.

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No one should give one cent to this woman that profited off of lies and promoted an unsafe product.

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Live by the vax die by, you know, the thing.

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Good old bloody violent revolution in the works.....

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