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Here's How They're Excusing Away the Rising Jab-Induced Deaths Coming in 2024

Study Calling For "Unvaccinated" People to Be Barred From Public Venues Was Authored by Pfizer Adviser

"Vaccine" Side Effect? Swiss Health Insurer’s Data Shows 73% Increase in People Receiving Cancer Treatment Since 2020

Are Self-Amplifying mRNA “Vaccines” Next-Generation Bioweapons?

Ruling Class Warns of Lockdowns Amid China’s 'White Lung' Outbreak

Pfizer Could Be Open to LAWSUITS for DNA Sequence in Covid-19 "Vaccine"

Covid Fear-Mongering: “It’s Changing — It’s Killing”

WHO Investigates Mysterious Pneumonia Cases in Children in China

Buried Study: Nearly Two-Thirds of Covid-19 "Vaccine" Recipients Suffer From Health Complications a Year Later

Psychiatric Illnesses and Horror-Infused Panic Attacks Exploded After Jabs Were Forced on Tens of Millions

'Never Seen This Before': Explosion of Miscarriages After Covid Shots

Former NFL Player Devon Wylie Dies Suddenly at 35

Media Now Blaming Covid Jab-Related Heart Attacks and Strokes on Climate Change

50-Year-Old Soap Opera Star Dies Suddenly From "Cardiac Event"

Was it the Jabs? Viral Fitness Model Raechelle Chase Died Suddenly at 44

‘We Can't Force the Human Body to Accept Foreign Genetic Code': Dr. McCullough on mRNA Technology

Was it the Jabs? 15-Year-Old High School Football Player Dies After "Falling Ill" on the Sidelines

Was it the Jabs? NFL All-Pro Sidelined for "Heart-Related Medical Issue"

Study Finds Causal Link Between COVID Vaccines and Mortality, Confirming 1 Death for Every 800 Jabs

MSM Ramps Up “Next Pandemic” Rhetoric

How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of Covid "Vaccination"

Watch Out for the Election Variant and Covid Booster Syndrome

A Virus That Has a Death Rate of 40 to 75 Percent Is Infecting and Killing People in India

CDC Study Confirms Covid-19 Vaxx Increases Risk of Autoimmune Heart Disease by Over 13,200%

‘Lot of Red Flags’: Florida Surgeon General Warns Against New Covid-19 "Vaccines"

The Dirty Secret About How Masks Really “Work”

Dr. Bowden: Pharmacists Still Refusing to Fill Ivermectin Prescriptions for Covid-19 Despite FDA Backpedaling

Has the Western Medical System Turned Murderous?

Right on Cue, Corporate Media Starts Pushing Nationwide Slave Masking for Covid Despite the Fact They Don’t Work

Plandemic Scariant “Pirola” Is “Spreading Fast”

Disease-X Is a High-Return Business Strategy

UN Publishes Final Draft of Declaration That Targets “Misinformation” — Backs WHO Pandemic Treaty

CDC Says Prolonged N95 Usage Causes Significant Harm But Mask Nannies Want You Wearing Them Anyway

Setting the Stage for Plandemic 2.0: A “Highly Mutated” Covid Strain Was Discovered in the U.K.

The Rise of the “Superbugs” Is a Catastrophic Long-Term Health Crisis That Threatens to Kill Hundreds of Millions of People

Heart Damage Is NOT Rare or Mild After Covid-19 Booster

Doctors Are Still Puzzled About “Long Vax,” a Set of Symptoms Linked to Covid-19 "Vaccines"

"Alarming" Sevenfold Increase in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Linked to Covid-19 and "Vaccine"

Yes, It's the Jabs: Fertility Rates in New South Wales Hit Lowest Recorded Point Ever

mRNA Covid-19 "Vaccines" Should Be Labeled Gene Therapy Products: Peer-Reviewed Paper

Plandemic 2.0: All of a Sudden, Outbreaks of Malaria, H5N1, Swine Flu and Monkeypox Are All in the News

Former WHO Adviser Sounds the Alarm on Pandemic Treaty Proposals

Heart Disease Risk Skyrockets 13,200% Following Covid Injections, CDC Admits

Was It the Jabs? Houston Rap Legend Big Pokey Dies Suddenly at 45 After Collapsing on Stage

58-Year-Old Attorney Dies Suddenly in Court

In Case You Thought Pandemic Panic Theater Was Over, New Fall Boosters Are Being Formulated

Dr. Simon Goddek: Ten Explosive Revelations That Unmask the Covid Pandemic as an Orchestrated Event

'Breaking Bad' Actor Mike Batayeh, Who Had No History of Heart Problems, Died Suddenly of Heart Attack at 52

What to Do When Covid Tyranny Returns

With Pandemic Panic Theater Collapsing, Corporate Media Is Avoiding the Amish Like the Plague

Plandemic 2.0: Global Pandemic Monitoring Board Calls for ‘Simulation’ to Prepare for Next Global Health Crisis

Conservative Actor Rob Schneider Burns CDC Director Rochelle Walensky for Harming Pregnant Women With Jabs

Pfizer's "Charitable" Donations Align Perfectly With Influencing "Vaccine" Pushers

Covid-19 “Vaccines” Were A “Colossal Failure” Worldwide

mRNA Covid-19 "Vaccines" Linked to Increased Risk of Vaginal Bleeding: Study

EcoHealth Docs: Development of Covid "Vaccine" Bioweapon and the Plan to Infect Populations

Don’t Let Them Rewrite History: Ventilators KILLED People and It Was No Accident

Florida Surgeon General Dr Joseph Ladapo Hammers CDC and FDA Over Ignoring Risks With the Jabs

Chelsea Clinton Spearheads "The Big Catch-Up" to Jab Every Child on Earth in 18-Months or Less

Big Pharma to Begin 3D Printing Microneedle Patch “Vaccines” for Injections on Demand

Naomi Wolf: No More Normal Placentas Since COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Doubling Down: CDC Officials Tell Multiple Bald-Faced Lies About Covid-19 "Vaccine" Adverse Reactions

CDC “Behavior Change” Project Targeted Vaccine Critics, Was Funded by Pfizer and New York “Misinformation Response Unit”

The CDC Starts Warning of Marburg Virus

Young Male Athletes Now Developing “Turbo” Testicular Cancer – Are Covid “Vaccines” to Blame?

NATIONWIDE CALL: Every “Unexpected” Heart Attack by a Covid-Jabbed Young Person Should Be Thoroughly Investigated by Autopsy for Spike Protein Causes

Bill Gates Stealthily Promotes WHO Pandemic Treaty by Talking to Us Like 1st Graders

28-Year-Old Rapper Dies Suddenly on Stage During Music Festival

More Covid Fearmongering: NYC Rats Can Carry New Variants

Japanese Scientist Warns: Covid "Vaccine" Harms Are Now a Global Problem

Senator Accuses FAA of Ignoring Potential "Vaccine" Dangers to Pilots

THIS Is What We Need: Idaho Legislators Push to Make Administering All mRNA "Vaccines" Illegal

Emerald Robinson Delivers the Real Message Vaxx-Pusher John Legend Was Delivering for Pfizer

UK Will Be the First to Trial BioNTech’s mRNA Cancer “Vaccines”

The Real Risk From the CDC's New Jab Recommendations: Kids Getting Injected Without Parents Being Aware

South Africa Could Suspend All Further Covid Jabs Due to Safety Concerns

In Case You Needed More Evidence of the PLANdemic, Merck’s Covid-19 Pill Molnupiravir Is CAUSING New Mutations

Congressman Thomas Massie Obliterates Vaxx Mandate Against Healthcare Workers

Follow the Science: MIT Brainiac Calls for Immediate End to Covid Jabs

Former Vaxx-Nanny Paul Offit Pens Letter to NEJM Calling for Immediate End to Covid “Boosters”

Does the “Covid Response” Follow Classic Abuse Patterns?

47-Year-Old Elite Canadian Cyclist Dies Suddenly

Latest Twitter Files Show How Dirty Pfizer and Moderna Played to Keep Factual, Scientifically Proven Truths Hidden

25-Year-Old Doctor of Pharmacy Who Ran Multiple "Vaccine" Clinics Dies Suddenly

Was it the Jabs? 46-Year-Old Fire Captain Dies Suddenly in His Bed Hours After Checking on a Fire

18-Year-Old Rugby League 'Star of the Future' Dies Suddenly

Public Schools Start Screening Athletes for Heart Problems While Pretending This Is Normal

Shocking Study: 1 Percent of Students Who Received Pfizer Covid "Vaccine" Had Abnormal Heart Tests

Covid-Jab Induced AIDS: Sickness and Death Will Increase as mRNA-Damaged Immune Systems Succumb to Every New Disease

Italian Tennis Star Camila Giorgi Faked Vaxx-Certificate to Keep Playing . . . and Her Whole Family Is Pureblood

Young and Otherwise Healthy MMA Prodigy Dies Suddenly at 18

The Differential Diagnosis on Damar Hamlin’s Broken Heart

The Evidence Covid-19 Was Spreading Around the World in Late 2019